Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention Rikon

October 4 – 6 2019, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka

Rikon is a three day event offering a diverse program suitable for people of all ages and tastes. Our primary goal is to offer an interesting and educational experience to the youth of Rijeka, but also of all of Croatia and neighboring countries.

Rikon offers a chance to participate in lectures, round table discussions, workshops, shows, presentations, games and quizzes created in such a way as to present complex scientific or social issues in an entertaining and interesting way; present new Croatian genre writings; present small organizations, artists and game developers, as well as use workshops, games and quizzes to promote teamwork, cooperation, learning new information and handcrafting.

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Photos of Rikon 2019

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Membership pricing

  • Weekend ticket: 60 kn / 8 EUR
  • Weekend for costumed visitors: 30 kn / 4 EUR
  • Visitors younger than 14: FREE
  • Sunday (children's program): FREE

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