Alison’s Virtual GUFF Trip

Alison Scott is a British fan of long standing who is this year’s Going-Under-Fan-Fund Delegate. GUFF exists to send fans from Europe to New Zealand and Australia (and vice versa). In the UK she has chaired the Eastercon twice and run several areas of UK Worldcons. She has twice won the Hugo for the co-edited fanzine Plokta. She’s a great fan of the social aspects of conventions and likes to stay up too late, hang out in the bar and make new friends. She runs a business selling nerdy and political shirts and badges.

The Going Under (Get Up and Over) Fan Fund helps send people from Europe to Australia/NZ and vice versa to attend a con and forge links between UK/EU and Australia/NZ fandom.

As CoNZealand was a virtual Worldcon, Alison did a virtual trip, spending three weeks touring Australia and New Zealand by means of 360 degree videos, Google Street View, cultural experiences and many online chats with fans from all across the world.

In this talk she’ll cover some of her impressions of the countries and the experience, and some thoughts about virtual touring generally as a way of substituting for the travel we’re missing out on this year.

Archipelacon 2

Archipelacon 2 is a Nordic-run international convention organised in Finland in 2025. Archipelacon 2 is bidding to be Eurocon in 2025.

Karo Leikomaa is a con-runner and active member of the Finnish Fandom. Chair for Virtual-Finncon 2020, Finncon 2021, and Archipelacon 2 in 2025. Past conventions include Vice Chair of Worldcon 75, and several roles at Finncons and other Finnish conventions.

Contacto – A Portuguese Convention in a Library

Contacto is a Portuguese two-day con that occurs annually inside a huge Library! It is free and has several different rooms: two auditoriums, two boardgame rooms, a comics room, a book fair, an open meeting room and at least three thematic rooms (Star Wars, Harry Potter and Steampunk). It has activities for children and adults, from workshops to quizzes and stand-up SciFi comedy shows. The Portuguese Portal of Fantasy and Science Fiction was born here. In the 2019’s edition, the event had about 2000 participants. 2020 edition was canceled, but we hope to be back for 2021.

Cristina Alves – Editor-in-Chief at The Portuguese Portal. Master’s degree in Genetics and Microbiology, working nowadays in IT. The free time is spent as event organizer (partnership with indie press Imaginauta), editor-in-chief of The Portuguese Portal of Fantasy and Science Fictio, book promoter in the blog Rascunhos and in the dedicated radio program, with the same name, Rascunhos.

Eurocon 2021 – Rome – Fiuggi

Presentation of the next EuroCon in Italy (Roma – Fiuggi) with Flora Staglianò and Francesco Verso.

Francesco Verso is a multiple-award Italian Science Fiction writer and editor. He has published: e-Doll, Livido, Bloodbusters and I camminatori (made of The Pulldogs and No/Mad/Land). Livido and Bloodbusters – translated in English by Sally McCorry – have been published in the USA, UK and soon in China. He also works as editor and publisher of Future Fiction, a multicultural project, publishing the best SF in translation from 20 countries and 9 languages with authors like James P. Kelly, Ian McDonald, Han Song, Ken Liu, Liu Cixin, Vandana Singh, Chen Qiufan and others. He may be found at

Flora Staglianó is a freelance translator and dubbing adapter, President of Deep Space One, Deepcon Chief Organizer, Eurocon 2021 Conrunner.

Eurocon 2022

At Futuricon, Science Fiction & Fantasy Society Luxembourg is bidding to bring EuroCon to the heart of western Europe, and the birthplace of Hugo Gernsback. EuroCon 2022 has been part of the events of Esch2022 – European Capital of Culture. Join us for a presentation and a Q&A session on what we hope will be another great meeting of European creators and fans.

Gérard Kraus is a funding member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Society Luxembourg, which lay its roots in 1995. He is a graduate of the Unversity of Liverpool’s MA in Science Fiction Studies (2005), during which he met his wife. He lives with her, their two daughters, two cats and a dog in the South of Luxembourg. Gérard is (in no particular order) a Roleplayer, Boardgamer, Discgolfer, Basketball player, comic book and science fiction reader and a teacher.

Forum Fantastico: 15 years of Portuguese Fandom

The Forum Fantastico convention is the longest running fandom event in Portugal (founded 2005). It has remained a free entrance event, organized by enthusiasts, which has spanned several moments of the Portuguese scene, acting as a get-together of creators, academics, and fans, in all media of the fantastic genre. It has also enabled fans to contact directly with foreign guests.

Rogério Ribeiro is a biomedical researcher who lives looking for facts among the fictions conventionally called “scientific hypothesis”. Probably for that, he is so in love with storytelling! In the cultural and literary fields, Rogério has been a founder of Shortcutz (short movies festival), EuroSteamCon Portugal (steampunk festival), Épica (Portuguese Association for the Fantastic in the Arts), Conversas Imaginárias (genre talks) and the Trëma collective. Together with Safaa Dib, he was the founder of the international genre festival Fórum Fantástico, which he organises annually since 2005. Sporadically, he writes genre short stories, translates, and edits anthologies and magazines (including being a co-founder and first editor of BANG! magazine).

SFera and SFeraKon

A short talk about the oldest SF society in the Balkans and the biggest con in the Balkans, which turns 42 this year.

Mihaela Marija Perković is a mum, feminist, author, manager, (ex?) blogger, reader, PR woman, member of SFera, editor, screenwriter, swimmer, translator, she runs workshops and last, but not least – she loves SF.

Ivana Delač (born in 1983 in Zagreb, Croatia) graduated psychology in 2008 and she works as a psychology teacher and school psychologist in III. gimnazija (Third Grammar School) in Zagreb. She is also a cognitive-behavioral therapy trainee, currently in supervision, and the president of Expert group for school psychology in Croatian Psychological Chamber.

She is an accomplished writer of speculative fiction who entered the Croatian SF scene in 2006, when her first story was published. Since then, her bibliography includes around forty published short stories and three novels – fantasy novel for children “Pegazari” (“Pegasars”, 2009), urban fantasy YA novel “Izgnani” (“The Exiled”, 2016) and feminist steampunk “Japodinine muke” (“Japodina’s troubles”, 2018).

Presentation moderated by Futuricon con chair Vladivoj Lisica Fox.

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festivals in Eastern Europe

A review of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festivals in Eastern Europe.

Darius Luca Hupov has been active in the SciFi field as a fan since 1985 and as an author since 1987. He has been active in the “H.G. Wells” SciFi Club from Timisoara (since 1985), where he made his literary debut and where he was the President of the Club for several years. He published SF short stories under the pseudonym Darius H. Luca in the “Banat Renaissance”, “Paradox SF”, “The collection of SciFi short stories”, “SF Gazette”, “Helion”, “Nova Library”. He had a SciFi film talk show at Radio Timisoara and Analog TV Station Timisoara. He was part of from the organizing team of the Eurocon in Timișoara 1994, the organizing team at the “Helion Days” and the “international Helion Session “, has submitted papers for the “Helion Communications Session”. His debut short stories volume was printed in 2016 under the title “Elegie pentru un triunghi” (Elegy for a triangle), at Eurostampa publishing House, in the “Insolit” collection. He started to produce the podcast “Galaxia imaginarului” in 2014, which later became part of the online SFF magazine “Galaxia 42”. He is the Director of “The Galactic Imaginarium” Film Festival (SciFi and Fantasy). He is Editor and Foreign Liaison at “Galaxy 42” SFF Online Magazine. He is promoting Romanian SFF authors and the Romanian SFF on the international scene.

Worldcon 2021 – DisCon III

A presentation of Worldcon 2021, i.e. DisCon III, the 79th World Science Fiction Convention.

Worldcon 2024 Bid – Glasglow

Glasgow is bidding to host the Worldcon in 2024 and they’re happy to show what they’re planning here at Futuricon. Check out more on their website.