Guest of Honour: Ivana Delač

The last to be announced, the first to be revealed in detail – we’re excited to tell you all about what our guest of honour Ivana Delač will be doing at Futuricon.

If you haven’t met her before, you should probably know that Ivana is one of the most versatile people in Croatian fandom and beyond. In real life she is a psychologist and psychology teacher, but the rest of the time she turns into an award-winning author, editor, cosplayer, LARPer and more. Learn more about her on her website!

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Ivana Delac

Ivana Delač with Rikon 2017 GoH Emma Newman

Ivana Delac

Ivana Delač promoting her novel “Izgnani” in cosplay

Ivana Delac

She’s also an avid fan of spending time in nature.

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Ivana had already been part of a trio to host “The 100 Quiz” before we officially invited her to be one of our GoHs. As a GoH you’ll be able to enjoy listening to her Q&A session and ask her questions yourselves, she’ll participate in a panel about using history as inspiration for fantasy and other media and a panel about non-anglophone SFF. We also can’t wait for her to appear side by side with GoH Adrian Tchaikovsky in an intense panel on all things geeky that they have in common.

Ultimately, we’re very happy that Ivana will be joining us live in our studio in Rijeka. She’s been performing in front of an audience for many years, hopefully she’s not afraid of a few cameras.