Guest of Honour: Ivica Puljak

Here at Futuricon (Rikon), we have always been exceptionally proud of our efforts in promoting science, critical thinking, innovation and learning. We were particularly excited when famous Croatian scientist and promoter of science Ivica Puljak accepted our invitation to be our guest of honour.

Domestic fans can read all about mr. Puljak at his official website, while everyone else should at least be aware that he can boast being among the team of CERN scientists who discovered the Higgs boson.

Ivica Puljak has received numerous awards for science, teaching and the promotion and popularization of science and he has recently also joined the Croatian political scene, which will not be the focus of his appearance at the convention.

We talked with mr. Puljak about his upcoming visit to Futuricon, check it out here:

At the convention we’ll have a very detailed Q&A session with Ivica Puljak about his life and work. He’ll give us an amazing lecture called “The End”, which is, as he describes, “the most optimistic and the most pessimistic story that you’ll ever hear in your life”. As an accomplished promoter of science, he’ll also participate in a panel discussion “The new myth, faith and fake news”, where we’ll explore how these issues came to be in the past and what their effect is today.

Ivica Puljak airs live from the Futuricon studio, 2-4 October 2020.