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Magical World of Harry Potter

Expelliarmus! We have been disarmed by your knowledge of the magical world of Harry Potter! Join us on a wonderful adventure and remember – with magic everything is possible!

Dubravko Bogović – I am an electrical engineer turned programmer. I love new technologies, smart homes and renewable energy as well as Science Fiction and fantasy and board games. I love making quizzes for conventions and playing board game tournaments or just attending a game day.
Also love badminton and everything related to it.

Lada Božić – I was born and grew up (more or less) in Rijeka. Got an MA in Cultural studies, have been interested in and worked in journalism, publishing, project management… I’m a huge fantasy fan, namely Tolkien,  Zelazny and G.G. Kay when it comes to books, but I also loooove boardgames, LARP, tabletop RPGs, videogam and more. I love cooking and crafting, and karaoke and quizzes, but most of all I love spending time with my people.

Once more with feeling Quiz

The hardest, the meanest, the evilest, the bestest, the ultimatest…ok, ok, ok. It’s a Buffy the Vampire Slayer quiz and it’s gonna slay! Bring your crosses and stakes, prepare Holy water and kick ass with your Buffy knowledge.

Ana Miljanić has been working in visual arts for five years now, first in the theater and lately in AV media. She’s currently a member of JoomBoos, and she once filmed 9 videos. IN ONE DAY. She likes it when actors know their lines and when there’s food on set.

The 100 Quiz

The little show that could – The 100 started low-key on the CW back in 2014. Expectations weren’t high for this post-apocalyptic story based on Kass Morgan’s novels, but look at where we are today – 7 seasons and unforgettable characters. Test how much you remember! Oso gonplei nou ste odon!

Ivana Delač (born in 1983 in Zagreb, Croatia) graduated psychology in 2008 and she works as a psychology teacher and school psychologist in III. gimnazija (Third Grammar School) in Zagreb. She is also a cognitive-behavioral therapy trainee, currently in supervision, and the president of Expert group for school psychology in Croatian Psychological Chamber. She is an accomplished writer of speculative fiction who entered the Croatian SF scene in 2006, when her first story was published. Since then, her bibliography includes around forty published short stories and three novels – fantasy novel for children “Pegazari” (“Pegasars”, 2009), urban fantasy YA novel “Izgnani” (“The Exiled”, 2016) and feminist steampunk “Japodinine muke” (“Japodina’s troubles”, 2018).

Koviljka Lazar has been in the film/festival industry for over 10 years and she has a deep interest in Asian culture so she organizes the Pandakon convention. In her free time she watches tv series and movies instead of sleeping and if given the opportunity she would spend her life by the sea or at a panda reserve.

Ana Miljanić has been working in visual arts for five years now, first in the theater and lately in AV media. She’s currently a member of JoomBoos, and she once filmed 9 videos. IN ONE DAY. She likes it when actors know their lines and when there’s food on set.

The Fantastic Pubquiz

A pubquiz-style quiz show has been going on at LuxCon for seven years now. It visited Worldcon this year and now it’s making its way to Futuricon as well.

Gérard Kraus is a funding member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Society Luxembourg, which lay its roots in 1995. He is a graduate of the Unversity of Liverpool’s MA in Science Fiction Studies (2005), during which he met his wife. He lives with her, their two daughters, two cats and a dog in the South of Luxembourg. Gérard is (in no particular order) a Roleplayer, Boardgamer, Discgolfer, Basketball player, comic book and science fiction reader and a teacher.

The Ukulele Soundtrack Quiz

Did you know that there are virtually no songs in the universe which cannot be played on the ukulele? Why don’t we test that? The Ukulele Soundtrack Quiz requires you to identify the movie, tv series or (rarely) musical while the tunes are being performed live for you, in a neverending medley designed to hit you right in the childhood, make you wonder why you haven’t seen this or that new show with the awesome score, and why the hell did anyone ever think John Williams was good ukulele material. No eardrums were harmed in the making of this quiz. Not too much, anyway.

The quiz and the ukulele are performed by Vesna Kurilić. Vesna is a cosplayer, librarian, writer, amateur ukulele player and lover of all things romance. If she were to pick a color, it would be blue; chord – G major; historical era – interbellum. She has received several SFERA and one Artefakt award for her work, most notably the werewolf novel Izazov krvi (The Challenge of Blood, 2017). Find out more about her upcoming release Johnny’s Girls (2020), a queer dieselpunk murder mystery, at her site Skirts’n’Wolves, or stalk her jigsaw puzzle loving cat at IG @vesnakurilic.

This is not the Future you were looking for – SkON Pub Quiz

This is a warning from your future self via complicated transtimetextualization technology. Do not play this pub quiz.
These are very dubious people you are dealing with.
Potentially even bent on gradual world domination, these well known small town quiz tricksters will baffle you with fun trivia questions and bad puns.
And just when you let your guard down, here they come with their homemade RAKIJA, authentic Croatian poison, to finish the deal.
Be cautious, the future is in your hands. Virtual rakija at least.

The theme of the pub quiz is FUTURES , even those past & present ones if that makes any sense. One question will have the ever so present traditional answer of “Nigeria” coz’ reasons.

The hosts are a band of merry misfits, organizers of a small SF & Fantasy & rakija convention named SkON, held annualy in some castle in some town named Sisak. Their favorite colour is orange.
Play the quiz. It will really be great and encompass a wide variety of fields. See you in the future! 🙂

Ultimate Nerd Quiz (bilingual edition)

Welcome to another edition of our pop culture trivia quiz! This year, questions will be offered in both English and Croatian. Expect trivia and riddles from popular movies, TV shows, comics, books, and games. General knowledge, audiovisual questions, and bad puns included. Team size is 2-4 players, and the winning team is honored with the title of Ultimate Nerds (at least until the next convention).

Team RiKonjdžija (Sara, Vanja & Nika) make trivia questions, mostly for conventions. Fin them at Istrakon, SFeraKon and Liburnicon every year.