Workshops / Radionice

Draw your own Inkblot Creatures (Nela Dunato)

If you’ve ever wanted to design your own alien or fantasy creatures, but were intimidated by the blank page, this drawing workshop is for you. We’ll splash some ink around and build on the abstract inkblot shapes to turn them into quirky, otherworldly beings. No prior drawing knowledge required!

Required materials:

  • India ink (waterproof) or fountain pen ink (washable)
  • Paper (regular copy paper, thick copy paper, or sketching paper)
  • Black marker
  • Any kind of white paint or pen (correction fluid, marker, gel pen, tempera paint, etc.)
  • Thin straw or tube

Not required, but useful to have:

  • Brush
  • Cleaning rag or wet wipes
  • Eyedropper (if your ink bottle doesn’t have one)
  • Something to protect your desk from ink splatters (plastic tablecloth, old newspaper, etc.)
  • Jar of water

Nela Dunato is an artist, designer, author, and educator from Rijeka. She runs her own design consultancy and crafts brands for small businesses and non-profits. She’s been teaching creative workshops and classes for children and adults for over a decade. Learn more about her at

Her book and magazine illustrations won European Science Fiction Society and Sfera awards. She’s currently focused on drawing and painting solely for personal pleasure, and you can often spot her doodling away in her sketchbook. Maybe she’s drawing you?

LARPATHON (Terrible Creations)

Are you looking for a game in which you and your friends play the leading roles? Learn how to make your own live-action roleplaying game in just one hour! And immediately test it!

No clue what this is about? You’ve never played roleplaying games? Great! Come to the workshop and learn.

Matija Mihoković is a member of the Terrible Creations collective and he loves his LARP job very much. He is the only member with acting and directing experience. Matija is a motivator, master of ceremonies and entertainer, whatever is needed most. He spends most of his free time mastering medieval swordfighting and he also enjoys cosplay.

Filmmaking from scratch (Grzegorz Biały)

One day you end up waking up in the middle of the night and thinking “gee, I want to be a filmmaker”. Of course you do not have a cameraman, you do not have the education, and you hardly have any idea how to produce a short feature. Don’t worry! I’ve been there, so you don’t have to. During this panel you’ll see the very first works of an overly ambitious amateur and briefly explain all the things you can, and should, do better.

Grzegorz Biały (IAtelier Foundation) studied International Relations and Asian Studies at the University of Łódź and Josai International University of Tokyo. Amateur scriptwriter and filmmaker with experience in journalism, always passionate about the next movie by Werner Herzog, anything based on the Cthulhu Mythos and historical wargaming in general – the more Eastern Romans, the better. There is a slight chance that, if you were at the Dublin Worldcon, you have seen my stageplay “The Eldritch Accountant”.

Let’s build starships! (Robert Corvus)

Star Destroyer and Borg Cube, generation ship and space fighter: protagonists need proper vehicles for their journeys between the stars. What do you have to consider when acting as an engineer while writing science fiction? Propulsion and armor, habitats and cryochambers, plasma catapults and lab, hyperspace radio and agricultural module – what does a spaceship require? Does it need to host one individual or a crew of thousands? Is faster than light drive available? How complex is it, how much space does it take, what kind of fuel does it burn? And, above all: which design choices make sense for which kind of story? Robert Corvus presents some concepts and develops and discusses ideas with the audience.

Robert Corvus, German, was born in 1972. He holds a diploma in business computer science and worked as soldier, business consultant and project manager before becoming a full-time writer in 2013. He writes science fiction and fantasy, hit German bestseller lists, and contributes to Perry Rhodan, the world’s largest sf series.

Worldbuilding without info dumping (Claire Bartlett)

This workshop is designed to help people with worldbuilding as a natural part of developing a story. We start with an exercise on worldbuilding, then take some time to develop that exercise in a short writing session meant to seamlessly integrate worldbuilding into a story. Participants should have materials to write with at hand.

Claire Bartlett grew up in Colorado. She studied history and archaeology and spent time in Switzerland and Wales before settling in Denmark for good. Her debut novel, WE RULE THE NIGHT, received four starred reviews and was called one of the best YA novels of 2019 by Kirkus and Publishers Weekly. She is the author of WE RULE THE NIGHT and THE WINTER DUKE. When not at her computer telling mostly fictional stories, she works as a tour guide in Copenhagen, telling stories that are (mostly) true.